An Advanced BKF Repair Tool to Repair Corrupt BKF

BKF Repair software is advanced BKF repair software to repair corrupt BKF data. Using this tool it is easy to repair corrupt Microsoft BKF files.

  • Is corruption occurred in your BKF data?
  • Are you worried about your crucial data saved in BKF files owing to corruption?
  • Do you want to get rid of corruption in BKF files?
  • Are you searching for some tool to perform advanced BKF Recovery to overcome corruption?

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Benefits of Our BKF Repair Tool:

  • You can recover even after CRC trouble.
  • The tool opens BKF file in Windows Explorer view. 
  • You can preview recovered items before saving them.
  • You can preserve Metadata of recovered items
  • Using file search option you can choose what you want to recover.
  • Assured quick, unaltered and inexpensive recovery with this tool
  • Data from corrupt BKF of more than 400 GB can be recovered.
  • Tool has easy interactive interface using which you can recover BKF files effortlessly by following the screen instructions.
  • All 32-bit Windows versions (Vista, 2000, XP and 2003) are supported by this advanced BKF repair software

You are in need of some advanced BKF repair tool for simple, error-free and fast recovery. BKF Repair Application will solve your purpose well. When your data items like pictures, music files, text files, documents, emails etc get cracked due to corruption you need to repair them. With BKF Repair tool you can easily carry out BKF repair process.

Watch BKF Repair Tool in Action

FREE Demo Version:

Our Program provides you free trial version facility of BKF Repair software. You can see the working process of the tool in front of your eyes and can evaluate the efficiency of the tool with demo version. You can see all the recovered items using this demo version of this advanced BKF repair tool. However, you cannot save the recovered data using this trial version.

Full Licensed Version:

After you satisfied with demo version you can purchase BKF Repair tool in full licensed version and can recover BKF files completely. Using tool in full working mode you can save the recovered data.

Error Messages You Encounter After Corruption:

When corruption occurs, you encounter error message. Some of the common error messages are as follows: 

  • ‘The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device. The backup operation will stop’.
  • ‘The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file’.
  • ‘The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used’.
  • ‘An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media’.

Reasons of Corruption::

There are several unanticipated and unavoidable reasons responsible for corruption in backup files. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below:

  • Backup interruption
  • Damaged hard drive
  • System software failure
  • CRC error causing trouble
  • Abrupt system shutdown
  • Trouble due to missing catalog file
  • Virus attack or Trojan infection on the system
  • Malfunctioning of windows backup software

All the aforesaid reasons or other such reasons can cause backup corruption. You can perform NTBackup repair process with Advanced BKF Repair software which is an advanced BKF recovery solution. You can repair corrupt Microsoft BKF files rapidly and effortlessly with this tool. It ensures no modifications in original data content while repairing corrupt BKF data. The tool can repair backup data limitlessly of more than 300GB size including whole metadata protected and comprehensively for all 32-bit Windows versions.